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Manage all your multi-language content at speed.


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  • Content Management
  • Localization
  • Development

Manage content at scale

Centralize and work on all your content in a single convenient workspace. Get unlimited flexibility with the intuitive feel of a spreadsheet and the connectivity of a headless CMS.

Unlock agile content creation & localization

Streamline your workflows with all your source and target languages in one localization platform. Localize on the fly or in batches custom-tailored to your tempo.

Ship faster with instant updates

Grab content from any source and push it directly into your projects.
Connect everything together and ship faster.

One workspace,
endless potential

  • Spreadsheet interface
  • Digital asset control
  • Views
  • Dependencies
  • Formulas
  • Templates
  • Branching & merging
  • Paths
  • Translation memory
  • Glossaries
  • Tags
  • LQA models

Manage your workflow with the ease of a spreadsheet. Filter anything, make bulk updates, cross-reference data, automate with formulas, and work with multiple languages at once.

One home for all your content: languages, images, videos, translations, audio and more. Work on everything in one place with Gridly’s built-in media players and editors.

Avoid unwanted changes and boost efficiency with customizable views that display the content you choose to the people you select.

Dependencies automatically track content changes so you’ll never miss an update. Create relationships between languages and content types for seamless localization management.

Save time and let your workspace do the work with over 50 built-in functions. Monitor string length, combine texts together, compare data, round numbers up, and so much more.

Get started ASAP with one of Gridly’s premade templates, or save your own Grids as templates to share them across your team.

Let your creativity run wild in a safe and controlled environment with branches — multiple instances of the same content perfect for testing and staging. When you’re happy with your results, merge them back together.

Organize your content in a logical structure using filterable path folders to find anything you need in seconds.

Boost efficiency and maintain consistency by reusing approved translations, then share them across projects and with other tools.

Streamline the translation process and get more accurate results with glossaries that give translators the correct terminology for your project.

Preserve formatting and mark specific content for translation with built-in tag detection and validation.

Handle localization quality assurance your way with a variety of LQA models tailored to your unique needs.

  • Paula Mozdrzewska
    It’s crucial that I’m able to manage text quality and maintain control over the whole publishing process. Gridly gives us a convenient way to work with in-game texts — something our game engine was missing. It’s easy to use, and the bonus is that it also looks great.

    Paula Mozdrzewska

    Producer, 11 bit studios
  • Collaborate
  • Integrate
  • Control
Unify your team

Unify your team

Bring your team together under one content management system. One login, one app, one workspace, one source of truth.
Real-time updates
Real-time updates
Update content in real time with simultaneous team-wide collaboration.
Centralize the conversation and keep your teams focused with comments.
Track issue statuses within a ticket center to complete projects faster.
Perform actions based on events happening with your content.

Build a content ecosystem

Build a content ecosystem

Pull content from any source and push it wherever it needs to go. Connect your projects to Gridly in just a few clicks.
Gridly API
Gridly API
Make content accessible and exchange data with developer-friendly API.
File Import & Export
File Import & Export
Import and export a vast range of file types with built-in version control.
Benefit from out-of-the-box add-ons and connect your favorite tools.
Access data or trigger functions from your code with SDKs for .NET, C#, PHP, or Go applications.
AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda
Bring your own code into Gridly and run it with AWS Lambda functions.

Stay in control

Stay in control

Unlock your team’s full potential and avoid unwanted changes by giving everyone access to the content they need to deliver their best work.
Access control
Access control
Protect your data with granular access control.
Audit trail
Audit trail
Track events in any cell, review history, and roll back if needed.
Data references
Data references
Use any content anywhere and eliminate inconsistencies with automated project-wide updates.
Roles and permissions
Roles and permissions
Assign roles and define permissions to manage user rights and control data access.
User groups
User groups
Group users together to manage their permissions and access rights in batches.

What you can do with Gridly

  • Content Management
  • String Translation
  • Localization QA
  • Multi-step Localization
Content Management

Scaled-up content management

Bring all your content together and manage thousands of content objects at scale, with a flexible spreadsheet structure evolving according to your needs.

String Translation

Localize from a single source of truth

With your whole team in one workspace, it’s never been easier to keep track of your multi-language content.

Localization QA

Accelerate your localization quality assurance

Streamline your localization testing process and push content updates into your projects. Bring your testers, developers, and translators together with Gridly.

Multi-step Localization

Control your localization workflow

Implement a continuous, agile localization management system with ease. Tame the furious flow of changes and updates across your process.

Whoop it up with Add-ons

Connect Gridly with your favorite tools and add extensions with additional capabilities.
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icon Unity
icon Unreal Engine
icon memoQ
icon Localization Quality Assurance (LQA)
icon Phrase
icon Slack
icon JIRA
icon CLI

Get started today

Manage all your multi-language content at speed with Gridly.
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