November 2021

  01-01-0001  | 
  • Glossaries released: multi-language termbases for localization Grids. Gridly automatically detects Glossary terms in source text and offers correct translations for target languages that can be easily inserted.
  • OR Condition: enables combining filters in columns with the OR operator.
  • Grid UI optimization (cell editing, column editing, record history, context menus).
  • New Formulas: Longest and Shortest functions that allow users to find the longest/shortest word from a list.
  • Column Properties: header information and a new field for column description added.
  • New Trigger added—enabling the trigger to watch a specific column.
  • Allow Record ID to be unique only within Path Tags (folders). Allows non-unique IDs in Gridly but IDs must be unique within a unique Path Tag.
  • Upload of ZIP files: now upload multiple files in a ZIP archive to one Grid and map records with Record ID.
  • Allow mapping properties of JSON files to columns in Gridly.
  • Upgrade of the search engine (Elasticsearch) to provide faster and more accurate results.
  • Allow horizontal scrolling for windows users with SHIFT and a mouse wheel.