Spreadsheet for Multi-language Game Development

Manage your game’s data as a single source of truth and roll out continuous updates
with full localization support & version control

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Gridly is a collaborative tool for multilingual games-as-a-service projects with a powerful API, browser-based spreadsheet UI, and built-in functions to handle localization and frequent updates.

Store your structured content in Gridly; create, translate, manage, and update content in one place. Gridly will adapt to your data structures and provide you with granular user access control

All your game content in one place

In-game texts
Audio & image file references
Gameplay data
Prices and descriptions
10+ different content types supported

Simple team collaboration in a real-time spreadsheet interface

As data is changed or added, all users are updated in sync making assets in Gridly the single source of truth.

Spreadsheet interface

Version control & Undo

Deploy and make mistakes fearlessly - you can always roll back! Branch the data set, try things out in isolation, then merge changes back into the main branch.

Version control

Localization support built into the core

Manage source and target languages, easily export-import translations. Change text freely -
Gridly automatically notifies translators about the strings to retranslate. Keep costs down
with a built-in translation memory.

Built into the core

More features

Intuitive system adapting to your workflows

Easily add or remove fields in the dataset. No SQL needed.

Adaptive interface

Instant filtering through 1 billion cells

Zip through 1 million rows to quickly get the data you need in a split second.

Instant filtering

100% secure data with granular user access control

Create individualized views for different user groups. Only expose a subset of the data to external vendors. Always track who changed your data and when.

Granular access control

Control when you push data into your game

Synchronize or import data from external systems into Gridly or let them read data from Gridly.

Developer-friendly API

Memsoure intergration

Accelerate localization process with the leading TM provider. Connect your project to Memsource via an API, send your strings to the TMS, fetch them back and push updates to the live game

Memsource add-on

Supported Data Types


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