The spreadsheet for
multi-language content

Manage content with the flexibility of a spreadsheet.
Keep localization under control and launch your digital products faster.

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Content management
made easy

As easily as adding columns in a spreadsheet, you can model any content with Gridly. Get your team on board from day one thanks to the familiar interface everyone knows.

under control

From waterfall to agile and anything in-between. Stay on top of your localization workflow and eliminate the hassle of sending translations back and forth.

Confident updates
even at high frequency

Create a single source of truth to make confident content updates of your app or game. Connect your back end and share data in the way that fits your flow.
Gridly helped us centralize all strings in one place and allows different teams to easily access.
A translation pass is now faster and we have greater control over text management and partners.

Mike Kim

Globalization Director at Enuma, Inc.

Streamline translation
of your strings

Turn your data into a spreadsheet in no time and manage your strings briskly. Speed up with built-in localization support, optimized views for translators, and publish texts to your game, app, or TMS.

Streamline translation <br />of your strings

Manage any type of
content at scale

Unite fragmented content silos with flexible content modeling. Collaborate effectively in real-time while keeping access control on a granular level. Create branches to manage the whole pipeline and deliver content anywhere with a powerful API.

Manage any type of <br />content at scale

Tame your
localization processes

No matter how many steps your localization workflow has, keep track of all updates and their dependencies across all assets and languages.

Tame your <br />localization processes

Assure quality of your localization

Bring all your localized assets together at speed to check if your project is free from issues before going live. Manage changes proposed by LQA testers and merge them easily into your production environment.

Assure quality of your localization

Get productive with templates

String translation

String translation

Manage localization of your strings with a ready-made structure that you can use as a base and add more source and target languages if needed.
Product catalog

Product catalog

Store all your product data for various distribution channels in one place. Gather product texts, descriptions, images, or videos, publish them to other tools or start with their localization.
App Store localization

App Store localization

Localize texts for listing your mobile app or game in Google Play, Apple, and Amazon app stores into various languages.

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