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All teams need to create outstanding content for global digital experiences.

Spreadsheet-based content management

Scale up with a flexible spreadsheet structure evolving with your project.
From authoring to multi-channel content publishing, streamline your content pipeline for all languages.


Manage your content with the ease of a spreadsheet. Filter anything, make bulk updates, or automate with formulas.


Bind statuses of content types to changes in content or translations to ensure that everything is updated correctly.

Data types

One home for all your content: languages, images, videos, translations, audio, code, and more.

Get productive with automated steps

Boost your performance and deliver faster with automated actions you can combine and trigger according to your needs.

Machine Translation

Pre-translate multiple languages at once with leading machine translation solutions from Google or Amazon.

Text-to-speech Conversion

Speed up your video production by leveraging AI-generated voiceover files early on in your project.

Sentiment Analysis

Uncover emotions in user feedback at scale with a natural language processing engine from Amazon.

Workspace for continuous localization

Handle high-volume localization projects in record time.
Set up agile localization workflows with clear statuses and leverage built-in localization features.

Translation memory

Share and reuse approved translations across projects to boost efficiency and maintain consistency.


Be consistent in how specific terms are used across your projects. Provide more context to achieve better accuracy.

Source status

Work with confidence on what’s ready for translation and avoid what shouldn’t be translated or is not ready yet.

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Manage all your multi-language content at speed with Gridly.

Connect and share content anywhere

Connect Gridly with your tools through out-of-the-box integrations and plugins.
Leverage fully-fledged API, or export and import files with various formats.

Gridly API

Make your content accessible through a streamlined API connection with your tools or external systems.


Connect Gridly with other data sources in Google Sheets, MySQL, or PostgreSQL to seamlessly exchange your content.


Connect Gridly to your favorite tools in just a few clicks with out-of-the-box add-ons.

Bring people and content together

Collaborate with your team and external stakeholders effectively.
Get productive with templates, add comments or tickets and manage responses instantly.


Get started ASAP with premade templates, or save your own Grids as templates to share them across your team.

Record overview

Deep dive to specific content and get a full picture of data available for a selected record.


Log localization or content issues, define their parameters, add comments, and resolve them once done.

Granular access control

Manage who has what access to your data and content on a granular level. Create user groups and manage their members, roles, and permissions.

User groups

Group users together to manage their roles, permissions, and access rights to Projects, Grids, or Views.

Roles and permissions

Maintain control over your content management process with granular user roles and permissions.

SSO/SAML authentication

Make access to Gridly easier and more secure with a single sign-on and two-factor authentication.

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Manage all your multi-language content at speed with Gridly.
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