Gridly Add-ons

Get even more from Gridly with enhanced capabilities, integrations, or plugins to streamline your content localization pipeline.

Translation Dashboard

Get a full picture of your translation progress in a Grid. Instantly check how many records and words are translated and what still needs to be done or updated.


Push strings to memoQ effortlessly, receive back new translations and update their statuses automatically.


Connect easily to Memsource and push and pull your strings for translation in an automated way.


Spark collaboration on texts of your Unity projects and get localized content back at speed. Exchange language versions of your texts and switch between them in your Unity scenes.

Unreal Engine

Connect Unreal Engine to Gridly and manage your game’s data as a single source of truth. Both inline source strings and StringTables are supported.


Manage localization QA projects within your Grids in Gridly. Log LQA issues, categorize them with your favorite LQA models and collaborate to progress with unresolved tickets


Install a unified command-line interface (CLI) and use commands to work with content in Gridly. For example, to export records in a View to a JSON and/or CSV file.