Gridly secures new funding for Content Ops platform development

Gridly has secured a 28 MSEK (2.6m USD) series seed investment round to further develop our cloud-based content ops platform, aimed at supporting companies in continuously operating their content processes in an increasingly AI-native landscape.
 04-24-2024        Gridly Team
Gridly secures new funding for Content Ops platform development

The shift from content creation to content operations

Gone are the days when content creation was a linear process of one-time releases. Today, it’s a dynamic, ongoing operation that requires efficient management of diverse content types, including text, images, audio, and videos. Gridly is at the forefront of this shift, helping customers manage increasing volume and complexity of content with our ContentOps platform.

Mattias Wennerholm, CTO and Co-Founder at Gridly and a veteran game developer, reflects on the challenges faced by game developers and content creators: “As a game developer, managing diverse digital content such as text, images, audio, and videos was challenging due to the lack of suitable tools. We often resorted to using Google Sheets alongside a mix of tools, leading to disorganized data and inefficiency. This issue was prevalent even at large gaming companies. With AI now amplifying content complexity and volume, it’s crucial to have a more sophisticated approach for content management.

While our initial focus was on helping game developers with content management and localization, Gridly’s reach and capabilities are not confined to the gaming industry alone. With over 100 customers, Gridly already serves leading games companies such as Rovio, Scopely, and Warner Bros. Games, as well as customers across various verticals including FinTech, MedTech, and SaaS.

Christoffer Nilsson, CEO and Co-Founder at Gridly, emphasizes the commitment to helping teams take control of their entire content process: “With Gridly, we want to help teams creating great content to take control of their full content process: from planning, creation, localization, quality assurance and publication to maintenance and support. We want to help them to do so faster, at lower cost, with improved quality, and enhanced control. All at scale. Gridly is increasingly being adopted by content teams as the go-to solution for embedding AI capabilities within their content workflows.”

Investor confidence in Gridly’s potential

The series seed investment round saw participation from a top-three global games company, Nordic B2B software investor Subvenio Invest, US-based digital media specialist Rendered.VC, and existing investors. The investors’ confidence in Gridly’s potential is evident.

Jiten Dajee, Partner at Rendered.VC, comments on the industry’s evolving landscape: “Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen an alarming growth in the pace of content treadmills and the diversity of segment-specific content needed to retain players in an increasingly competitive market space. We were impressed at the number of global publishers putting Gridly at the heart of their flagship titles for content production. In the upcoming era of AI-assisted content creation, we see Gridly becoming an essential platform to power automated, and sustainable content operations.

Patrik Östersgård, Partner at Subvenio Invest, shares his excitement about partnering with Gridly: “We are excited to team up with Gridly on their quest to become a key digital content infrastructure company in the gaming sector and beyond. As a B2B software focused investor, we are impressed by the company’s proprietary technology, blue-chip customer portfolio and attractive growth and SaaS metrics; all testament to Gridly’s strong momentum and potential.

For more information about Gridly, please feel free to reach out through our contact form if you have any questions or inquiries about the company’s journey and future prospects.

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