Scaled-up content management

Bring all your content together and manage thousands of content objects at scale, with a flexible spreadsheet structure evolving according to your needs.

Tear down the silos

Stop wasting time on creating forms and never-ending content modeling. Structure your content as easily as adding columns in a spreadsheet. Aggregate all your texts, images, videos, translations, and other types of content in one place.

Make working with
content easy

Benefit from the intuitive spreadsheet interface your team will instantly feel comfortable with. Create new content with built-in editors, bring in data from files of various formats, and collaborate with your team in real-time.

Make working with<br />content easy

Slice and dice as you wish

Filter out the chunks you need from your content empire with excel-like ease. Slice your content into multiple views that you can publish to various channels or share with your stakeholders.

Slice and dice as you wish

Content updates
under control

Track every change in your content and its consequences. Define statuses to match your workflow and leverage the built-in version control system to manage the content pipeline.

Content updates<br />under control

Go global in a smart way

Expand into new regions with effective content localization. Save time with translation memory, gain control over language updates and the overall progress of your translation. Automate the entire workflow by connecting Gridly to your favorite CAT tool.

Go global in a smart way
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Manage content with Gridly

Gridly is free to use for an unlimited period of time.
We also offer paid plans for bigger teams with additional storage, features and support.
Manage content with Gridly

Do more with Add-ons

Enhance your Gridly experience by adding tools supporting content management.
icon Google Sheets
icon Unity
icon Unreal Engine
icon memoQ
icon Localization Quality Assurance (LQA)
icon Phrase
icon lexiQA
icon Slack
icon JIRA
icon CLI

7 Keys for Winning a
Localization QA project

Check out the free guide about how to streamline a localization quality testing project. Grab your copy and dive into helpful tips for running an LQA project.

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