Build once,
update many times,
deploy continuously

Make content of your projects accessible to your teams, apps, or sites without hassle and publish content updates at speed.


Automate content deployment

Reduce the manual work between development and content teams. Deploy content to your apps or sites with customizable workflows that you can trigger automatically.

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Make content accessible to everyone

Benefit from a flexible content structure with clearly defined content types while keeping fast content updates in a spreadsheet-like format.

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Publish content updates at speed

Publish content updates with one click by using automated content transfer between Gridly and your tech stack. Keep control over what gets published with the version control system.

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Essential toolkit for managing content


Gridly API

Make content accessible and reusable via our REST API.


Sync content continuously from GSheets to Gridly in seconds.


Publish content in JSON format and deliver it anywhere with superior reliability.


Create separate environments for content creation and development.

Tag detection

Automatic tag detection while localizing your content.


Work with content in your code with SDKs for .NET, C#, PHP or Go applications.

AWS Lambda

Bring your own code and run it with AWS Lambda functions.


Execute actions from a command line interface.


Send updated content to your sites or apps with web requests.

Data backup

Content is backed up daily to prevent data loss.

File import and export

Add content with multiple supported file formats, including Excel, CSV, JSON, PO, and more.

Whoop it up with Add-ons

Connect Gridly with your favorite tools or add extensions with additional capabilities.
  • Johan Heander
    We’ve been boosted by the ability to have columns in Gridly that are not translations but are informative metadata, such as the maximum length for a string, a description of what an item really means or the context in which words should be used.
  • Mike Kim
    Gridly helped us centralize all strings in one place and allows different teams to easily access.
  • Paula Mozdrzewska
    It’s crucial that I’m able to manage text quality and maintain control over the whole publishing process. Gridly gives us a convenient way to work with in-game texts — something our game engine was missing. It’s easy to use, and the bonus is that it also looks great.

Update content to your apps or sites with a simple click

Speed up the content release cycle and grant your team control over live content.