April 2024

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Batch Spelling & Grammar Checks

Check the spelling of strings in multiple languages in your Grid all at once. The new Batch Spell Check detects the number of errors in a selected view and in which cells they occur.

Filter out errors with a single click using quick filters and then fix them with the help of suggestions provided by live spell checking in the cell edit mode.

Learn more about Spell and Grammar Check

Batch Spelling and  Grammar Checks

Translation Memory supports alternative translations

Add multiple translations of the same source text but with different IDs to a Translation Memory. Let the translators choose the best fit to move on faster while staying accurate.

Check out the updated Translation Memory Setup

Translation Memory With Alternative Translations

Customizable Project Roles

Align how users can work with your content according to their assigned responsibilities. Create customized project roles with selected privileges you can easily assign to your team members.

Check out updated Project roles under Company settings. Customizing Project roles is available for all Companies under Enterprise plans.

Learn more about Project Roles

Custom Project Roles

Gridly AI supports custom prompts

Don’t be AI-limited to predefined tasks. You can now use Gridly AI to tweak text in any way you like. Want to make a string more playful? Change it entirely? Or add new info? Just type in your custom prompt and let the magic happen.

Gridly AI Custom Prompts

More AI enhancements

Check new AI voices available in the updated voice list of the Amazon Text-to-speech automation action. Also, you can now add new images generated by Dall-E without overwriting the ones already added to cells (applies to columns that can house multiple files).

Other updates released in April:

  • Ability to restrict access to memoQ projects from a Grid
  • Glossary term detection is supported in Target text
  • Ability to filter columns during the import process
  • Ability to add system columns when creating or importing a Grid
  • Context menu supports “Not Set” dependency status