December 2023

  01-01-0001  | 

Recycle bin to store deleted records

Grids and their branches now have a recycle bin. Any record deleted by any user or tool is still there for you, easily accessible and restorable back to your Grid. Even when you empty the bin, you can still restore the content from daily automated backups.

When importing a file, you can choose to reflect the content in the file. If there are records in the Grid but not in the file, they can be moved to the recycle bin during import.

Look for the new recycle bin in the bottom-right corner of your Grids.

Check out documentation for Recycle Bin

Cell status for machine-translated content

Cells modified by machine translation tools have a new status to indicate machine translation. Note that machine-translated content isn’t stored in the Translation Memory until it is edited.

Plus, you can filter out content modified by a translation tool, an automation action, or even a user with updated conditions for view filters.

Learn more about using Machine Translation

Other updates released in December

  • Creating view filters in personal views
  • New column & view filter for Tags
  • Ability to fill color on whole columns
  • Figma plugin supports excluding non-visible text