February 2024

  01-01-0001  | 

Add system columns when creating a Grid

You can add system columns to your Grids as you create them. The dialogue for creating new Grids from scratch has been enhanced with a section where you can choose which system columns you want to display in the default view of your Grid.

Rename the Record ID system column

Record ID is a system column that manages public string IDs, ensuring they are unique across your entire Grid or within each folder (Path), depending on your project settings.

As not all your team members may be familiar with the term “Record ID”, it is now possible to customize the name of this system column to align everyone with its purpose.

DateTime formatting options expanded

You don’t have to worry about the date or time format in DateTime columns not matching the format used across your project. You can now choose from a plethora of options for formatting dates with or without year, and times with or without seconds.

Other updates released in February

  • Instructions for creating prompts for ChatGPT added to the user interface
  • Support for selecting objects within automation actions
  • [Gridly API] New endpoint for retrieving differences between branches
  • File import settings user interface optimization
  • SAML invitation supports email auto-fill
  • [Administration] Ability to search users by their name, email, and description