January 2024

  01-01-0001  | 

Simplified settings of automation actions

Setting up Automations is now easier than ever thanks to the simplified selection of data used in automation actions. The update applies to all automation actions and allows you to easily choose which columns or other objects you want to use in your automation workflows.

Record duplication for faster content creation

There is no need to create similar records from scratch anymore. You can now duplicate existing ones, including all column data, and tweak them as needed.

Select any number of records, right-click, and duplicate. Gridly will ensure that the record IDs in your Grid are unique by auto-generating new ones for the duplicated records.

Revamped record history to control cell updates

Track changes in your content down to the smallest detail with the revamped record history interface with a new diff checker telling you which words were altered, how they were modified, and by whom.

A thorough comparison of cell updates is available to you, including the number of removed and added words, along with the ability to roll back changes or copy the text to your clipboard.

Figma plugin: screenshots and handling of duplicated text

Provide translators or testers with full context thanks to screenshots generated automatically from the objects sent from Figma to Gridly and available right next to the corresponding text.

Progress faster with translations thanks to efficient handling of duplicated text. The Figma plugin now allows grouping of the same text and updating its translation in bulk.

Import enhancements for smoother adding of content

The updated file import interface allows you to remove records that aren’t in the imported file. In the import review, you can also check which records will be added, updated, or removed by filtering them out.

Localization import, which allows you to easily import translations into your existing records, has a whole new section under Localization settings where you can set up import warnings and default actions for issues detected during the localization import.

Other updates released in January

  • Ability to set the length limit for target languages based on the length of the source text
  • Indication of which cells were translated by Gridly AI
  • Ability to create branches via Gridly API
  • Ability to create a branch from a view
  • Ticket export amended with additional fields (Record ID, original and current content, user comments).