July 2022

  01-01-0001  | 
  • Glossary dashboard with recent entries
  • Ability to manage metadata for Glossaries
  • Ability to manage metadata for Glossary Terms
  • Export and import of Glossaries in TBX format
  • Reordering of Projects, Databases and Grids in the main dashboard
  • Issue tracking for localization import updated
  • Support for real-time updates of Paths
  • Link sharing to a specific cell and range
  • New function - Color(value), to return color based on color names
  • Zero-width space characters detection in the translator and editor views
  • View filter operators for matching regular expressions and data between two values
  • Ability to configure database back-ups
  • New shortcut - Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + U, to add a translation to the Translation Memory
  • New shortcut - Ctrl/Cmd + Alt/Opt + T, to apply the Translation Memory
  • [Gridly connector] User metadata for jobs executed
  • [Gridly connector] Automapping for columns when creating new connections
  • [Gridly API] Support for updating Source status
  • [Gridly API] Support for updating Translation Memory
  • [Gridly API] Allow validation when updating records
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