June 2024

  01-01-0001  | 

Push and pull i18n JSON files from your code

With the new command-line interface (CLI), you can push and pull your i18n files in JSON format directly to Gridly from your development environment, allowing all changes to be updated automatically.

You can parse and import JSON files from your executable folders into a View in Gridly using the viewID and API key. Use commands to create columns, set up languages or dependencies, and finally, call the export function to retrieve the updated files back to your root path.

Grab the new i18n JSON CLI from Gridly’s GitHub and check the full documentation in the README file.

Download i18n JSON CLI on GitHub

Unreal Engine plugin updates

The Unreal Engine plugin has been updated to support the latest version of this ever-popular gaming engine. Additionally, you can leverage Paths when working with the plugin, which now also supports handling empty columns. Learn more about the Unreal Engine plugin here.

Other updates released in June

  • Support for keeping context when translating with Gridly AI
  • New Formula: LENB() to count string length in bytes
  • Security logic enhancements