March 2024

  01-01-0001  | 

Merge individual records [Gridly API]

You can now pick only the records being added by devs and merge them to the branch where you localize or update content, on a change-by-change basis with a single API call.

Gridly’s updated API enables you to select individual records to merge down from your master branch or copy back up.

Resolve merging conflicts [Gridly API]

Cells updated in both the source and destination branches are flagged as “conflicted” and take value from the source branch if mergeRecordOptions include “override”.

With the Conflict Resolution parameter, you can preserve the values of specific cells when merging instead of retrieving them from the source branch.

Check out the API documentation for updated merging options.

One click to clone your master branch

For cases when you need to quickly clone your source branch, there’s a new option under Version Control in the side panel to promptly overwrite a branch with your master branch, including its folder structure.

XTM Integration

You can now push content from Gridly to your translators working in XTM and retrieve translations back in an automated way using Send web request automation action. Check out Gridly’s documentation to find out how.

Public API and SDKs for Glossaries

Gridly API now enables you to manage your Glossaries programmatically. You can create, list, export/import, delete, and perform more operations with Glossaries through API and with the help of updated SDKs for supported programming languages.

Check out Gridly’s API documentation or updated SKDs on GitHub.

Other updates released in March

  • Ability to change the DateTime format of system columns
  • Support UTF8-BOM encoding for JSON import and export
  • Information about login timeout is available to users
  • Display the last change of a cell in Extended View