May 2023

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Knock, knock, GPT’s here!

With new automation steps, you can now run prompts to translate, proofread, generate, or summarize your content and use your data in Gridly as context to help obtain more accurate results.

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Leverage OpenAI’s gigantic AI models with billions of parameters in Gridly to update existing or generate new cell data. Texts (GPT) or images (Dall-E), we’ve got you covered.


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Spell and grammar checker

Cell editing mode auto-detects spelling, grammatical or style issues in more than 30 languages and helps you tackle them with descriptions, highlights, and suggestions. Available as an open Beta for all users, you can turn on spell check at the top bar of your Grid.

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Built-in length tracking

Set up a length limit for a cell, a range of cells, or define a special column with length values when importing strings to your Grid. Built-in length tracking enables you to detect overlaps in your languages and easily filter them out.

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Localization import improvements

The revamped localization import now auto-detects issues, such as missing records or changes in source text, and provides solutions you can apply, one by one in detail or all together in bulk.

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Importing multiple sheets from an Excel file

Import multiple sheets from an Excel file into one Grid, map the columns easily, and set the order of imported records as you need. Review and filter all content in one place and reduce the number of localization exports and imports later.

Need to import to separate Grids for some reason? We’ve got your back as well.

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Other updates

  • Automation action: Asana Task Creation
  • New programming languages supported in runtimes of Lambda functions
  • Support selecting multiple options at once for the multi-select column type
  • Ability to use a text column for naming files generated by Automations