November 2023

  01-01-0001  | 

Revamped ticket center

Make collaboration among translators, testers, and managers go smoothly and keep control over your localization QA workflow with the new ticketing system.

Get the full picture of issues within tickets, enhanced with snapshots of related content and the ability to add various attachments, such as screenshots and other imagery. Tag your team members in the ticket description or comments for instant notifications.

Effortlessly filter content with open tickets or utilize search and filtering options in the ticket center to concentrate on matters requiring your attention.

Enhancements in length checking

Setting up a text length limit for an entire column or range of cells is now as easy as ABC. Simply select or filter out cells and right-click on the selection or column header to set it up.

Want to quickly check which cells in a column exceed or don’t have the length limit set up? Use column quick-filters to get the results instantly.

Retrieve translations from TM based on Record IDs

Record IDs, which serve as identifiers for strings and translations, are now supported within the Translation Memory to retrieve different translations for the same source text but with different context. Navigate to Localization settings and enable it under your Translation Memory setup.

Other updates released in November

  • Support for using the “Set value” function for multiple columns
  • Creating IF conditions for multiple columns in one step
  • Record history filter enhancements
  • Branching and merging UI updates
  • Ability to select in which workflow steps the Phrase add-on pushes data back to Gridly
  • Ability to select all language pairs in the AutoQA add-on