September 2023

  01-01-0001  | 

Introducing Figma plugin

Manage and localize text in Figma designs with the new Gridly plugin, now available in Figma's marketplace. Instantly verify if new languages and text updates work with your designs and avoid endless back-and-forth with translators and product managers.


Push text from Figma into Gridly’s spreadsheet-like interface to facilitate quick updates, add multiple languages, and then pull translations back into Figma. Centralize text content from multiple Figma designs in one place where you can keep control over updates across all languages.

Learn more about the Figma plugin here.

Glossaries supported for machine translation services

Google Translate and Amazon Translate automation actions now support the use of Glossaries to determine how particular terms should be translated. Upload Glossary files in CSV format within automation workflows to make sure specific terms are translated as needed.

Detecting special characters in Grids (Beta)

Click on the new icon with the paragraph symbol in the Grid’s toolbar to enable the detection of special characters, including white spaces, symbols, accent marks, or punctuation. Once activated, all of those will be highlighted in your Grid content.

Special characters detection is currently in beta, and we welcome any feedback on how to further enhance it.

Other updates released in September

  • Ability to choose character encoding for CSV file export
  • Allow translators to view and run Automations in Grid settings
  • Caching for Translation Memory
  • Difference check improvements for merging of branches
  • Ability to open Grids in a new tab when pressing Ctrl/Cmd or the middle mouse button