Speed up game development in multiple languages

Connect development and localization tools via an API and manage your game assets in the intuitive interface

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Build it your way - Gridly adapts to match your workflow and data structures

Efficiently manage millions of data entries in a matter of seconds

One hub to control all your game data

Organize data in an intuitive spreadsheet UI with 1 billion cells! Combination of files and metadata allows you to easily add and edit the game content in one place - in any language.

Extended capabilities

Launch external programs within Gridly with web hooks. Write your own scripts that process data stored in Gridly. Generate machine voice-over of text or send notifications to your Slack channel/email.

Powerful API

Use any framework or development software. Easily integrate Gridly with your existing tools.
Efficient management

Master continuous updates

Real-time updates
Omni-channel distribution
Version control

Real-time updates

Publish changes and see updates in your game immediately.
Real-time updates

Omni-channel distribution

With robust cross-platform support, publish your content to any platform in any format.
Omni-channel distribution

Version control

With branching and version control, you can run experiments or manage staged releases. Tweak project data in isolation or have branches translated independently.
Version control

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Focus on creating a great gaming experience

Shorten dev time for internal tools

Use Gridly UI, user management and data storage to integrate your own backend functions, dramatically reducing development time for internal products that require users to access the data.

Easy for non-technical staff

Connect and onboard all your teams in no time. Thanks to the familiar spreadsheet interface, anyone can start working in Gridly regardless of technical expertise. You can always revise changes made and undo them if necessary.

Global growth

Ready to go global? Invite in-house or external translators. With localization features at its core, Gridly takes care of the localization process so you don’t have to.

Make your organization more efficient - bring other teams on board

Gridly for localization teams

Gridly for producers

Enhance your game content management with an all-in-one spreadsheet.
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