Localize faster and achieve top-notch translation quality

With built-in translation memory, flexible user access, and Memsource add-on, Gridly is your must-have tool for effortless localization

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Manage multilingual projects & teams in a single intuitive CMS

Enjoy total control over project strings

Central hub for all assets

Translate in-house or outsource. Access all strings in Gridly even if you localize externally. Export-import files in a few clicks. Use filters to quickly search for any stored data.

Full audit trail

Easily track down who changed what and when. If something went wrong you can use our rollback function to get your project back on track. If a translated source string is changed, Gridly highlights what has changed so translators can quickly identify what they need to update.


No need to search for newly-added text or changes in the source language. With the dependency feature, the strings that need re-translation will automatically be highlighted.
Efficient management

Master continuous localization flow

Send strings to Memsource in one click
User access control
Optimized localization process

Send strings to Memsource in one click

Connect your project to Memsource, send strings for translation, and easily get them back. Overview localization progress and manage frequent updates without losing control. No more copy & paste between different tools and spreadsheets.
Send strings to Memsource in one click

User access control

Manage views and edit rights for individual team members or groups.
User access control

Optimized localization process

Add and customize fields for additional string metadata, review and resolve translators' comments instantly, minimize manual work with a built-in translation memory. Translations are delivered right away to the development team.
Optimized localization process

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Improve quality and collaboration

Streamlined collaboration with vendors & developers

Invite any vendor, provide user access to specific data, track translation history, and quickly revise changes. No coding skills needed.

LQA support

Fix linguistic bugs in one minute. LQA testers can correct and verify bugs without disturbing developers.

Translation memory

Don’t translate the same content more than once. You can create or upload new TM content at any time. Reduce loc budgets and increase consistency.

Enhance your dev, loc and LQA procedures with one tool

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Streamline localization management, keep the quality up and costs down. Solve 99% of your translation hassle in one tool.

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