Connect Gridly with memoQ

Streamline your translation processes by connecting Gridly with the leading collaborative TMS. memoQ helps hundreds of thousands of enterprises, language service providers, and translators worldwide to manage translations with a system tailored to their needs.

Boost your translation productivity

Push your content from Gridly to memoQ effortlessly and leverage the advanced workspace for translators that enables you to create glossaries with terms, reuse translations, or use predictive writing and suggestions from various sources.

The memoQ add-on for Gridly facilitates the exchange of content back and forth and eliminates the need to manually export and import files with translations.

Connect Gridly with memoQ

Create the connection in few clicks

Connecting memoQ with Gridly is exceptionally easy to do and takes only a few steps to set up an API access point.

Connect Gridly with memoQ

Push content to memoQ effortlessly

Select and filter the content you want to push to memoQ within the familiar spreadsheet interface in Gridly. Thereafter, just hit the Push button and the content appears in your memoQ project.

Connect Gridly with memoQ

Receive content back automatically when it’s ready

Forget about importing translations back manually when they’re ready. Once any of the translation documents are set to Delivered, it triggers the push back of content to Gridly.

Connect Gridly with memoQ

Automate translation status updates

Content from memoQ is automatically updated in your spreadsheets in Gridly. Out-of-date or unset records are filled with new translations and their status is changed to up-to-date.

How Gridly work with memoQ

Get started with the memoQ add-on

Webinar: see the add-on in action

Learn more about how using Gridly together with memoQ helps with overcoming common localization challenges in app & game development.