Plug Gridly into Unity

Plug Gridly into Unity

Manage and localize content of your Unity projects at speed.

Level up with a spreadsheet-based content platform

Create an agile content workflow

Push texts and screenshots to an intuitive spreadsheet interface right from your project in Unity. Then, instantly upload new content and languages back into your game.
image Create an agile content workflow

Localize at speed

Track changes in your source and target languages to create more efficient localization batches. Speed up with built-in localization support and seamlessly pass content between Gridly and Unity.
Localize at speed

Go live faster

Push changes live to your game without having to release a new version. Synchronize your data and retrieve content updates at runtime, and avoid rebuilding your project.
Go live faster

Watch a 10-min demo

Get up and running in minutes

Download the plugin for free and set up the connection in seconds.
Add new content and translations to a string editor in Unity or the other way around.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the plugin?
You can download the plugin from this GitHub repository.
How much does the plugin cost?
The plugin is free! All you need is a free or premium Gridly account.
How can I install and configure the plugin?
See our detailed setup guide for step-by-step instructions and other important information.
Does the plugin only support text, or images as well?
The plugin enables you to exchange texts and screenshots from your game that are then available in Gridly right next to the corresponding string.

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