Plugin for Unity

Manage texts of your Unity projects with Gridly
and localize your content at speed.

Create in Unity and localize content with Gridly

Streamline localization with an easy-to-use structure of your data in Gridly.
Push content to a spreadsheet view right from your project in Unity. Get localized content back from Gridly the way that fits your flow.
String translation


Download the plugin for free from GitHub and set up the connection in a jiffy. Easily hook Gridly columns with languages in Unity to add texts and translations to a string editor in Unity.
Product catalog


Export texts from the string editor in Unity to your spreadsheet in Gridly or the other way round. Invite your peers to collaborate on, add more context and translate the content in Gridly’s intuitive interface.
App Store localization


Synchronize your data at runtime and create menu items in your scenes that will retrieve updated language versions from Gridly. Get new strings and translations from Gridly without having to rebuild your project.

Are you struggling with managing strings for translation?

You may be wasting time and team resources on redundant tasks. Talk to an expert at Gridly today to learn how the spreadsheet for multi-language content can set you free.