Plugin for Unreal Engine

Plugin for Unreal Engine

Manage and localize the content of your Unreal Engine projects with ease and confidence.

Smarter content management and localization

Make content management simple

Quickly update data tables into a Gridly spreadsheet. Streamline localization with an intuitive interface and add more languages and context.
image Make content management simple

Connect Unreal Engine in a few simple steps

Connect Gridly with the built-in translation system in Unreal Engine (UE) and instantly import your source strings and existing translations. No coding or external tools required.
Connect Unreal Engine in a few simple steps

Push localized content to Unreal Engine in real time

Get new strings and translations in real time without having to rebuild your project. Pull it from Gridly while your project is running and see the edits in your preview build.
Push localized content to Unreal Engine in real time

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the plugin?
You can download the plugin from this GitHub repository.
How much does the plugin cost?
The plugin is free! All you need is a free or premium Gridly account.
How can I install and configure the plugin?
For detailed information about the setup, please see this file.
Can I use the plugin to manage data that is part of my game’s logic?
Yes, you can create a Gridly data table that can be used as a regular data table in Unreal Engine.
For more information, see this detailed documentation.

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