Take localization quality assurance to another level

Discover a streamlined pipeline for quick and simple localization QA bug fixing. Connect testers with developers and translators in Gridly to accelerate your workflow.

Access content for LQA at speed

Store strings, translations, videos, sounds, +more in a neat spreadsheet structure. Fix issues in bulk and push your updates back to your project to see them live.

Access content for LQA at speed

Record QA issues instantly

Mark localization QA issues in your data or comment for clarification. Drill down with record preview and history to progress with unresolved cases.

Record QA issues instantly
  • Johan Heander
    "We’ve been boosted by the ability to have columns in Gridly that are not translations but are informative metadata, such as the maximum length for a string, a description of what an item really means or the context in which words should be used."
  • Mike Kim
    "Gridly helped us centralize all strings in one place and allows different teams to easily access."
  • Lisa Sidorova
    "I can't recommend Gridly enough! We moved all our projects there recently and we're very content. Its simplicity, great integration with gaming engines, and continuous improvements have transformed our localization workflow. A must-have tool for any team."
  • Estelle Bailly
    "We chose Gridly for its Unreal Engine plugin, which is a tremendous help in localizing our game. Plus, the team is very efficient and responsive, and they have been really helpful so far. Kudos for your work and commitment!"

Assess quality your way

Categorize issues with LQA models of your choice and record their severity. Manage changes with version control and prepare content for the next pass effortlessly.

Assess quality your way

Track and report your progress

Move faster safely with every update being tracked automatically. Get all the data in a structure convenient for your favorite reporting tool.

Track and report your progress

Video: Streamlining Rovio's
LQA process

Watch how Rovio, the studio behind Angry Birds, streamlined their LQA process for the renowned title, Small Town Murders, pushing turnaround to 4x the original speed.

Ramp up LQA with Add-ons

Connect Gridly with your favorite tools and add extensions with additional capabilities.

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