Take localization quality assurance to another level

Discover a streamlined pipeline for quick and simple localization QA bug fixing. Connect testers with developers and translators in Gridly to accelerate your workflow.

Get your assets together

Gather all your content for LQA at speed. Store strings, translations, videos, sounds, +more in a neat spreadsheet structure and effortlessly update them in bulk. Slice and dice to find and share the chunks of content you need.
Get your assets together

Speed up localization QA testing

Benefit from a Gridly spreadsheet when you assess your game or app content. Instantly enter LQA issues or comment for clarification. Drill down with record preview and history to progress with unresolved cases.
Speed up localization QA testing

Assess quality your way

Leverage LQA models tailored to your needs. Categorize issues as you wish and record their severity on a scale you’d like. Update content for the next pass effortlessly and manage changes with version control.
Assess quality your way

Track and report your progress

Move faster safely with every update being tracked automatically. Get all the data in a structure convenient for your favorite reporting tool.
Track and report your progress
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Assure localization quality with Gridly

Gridly is free to use for an unlimited period of time.
We also offer paid plans for bigger teams with additional storage, features and support.
Assure localization quality with Gridly

Ramp up LQA with Add-ons

Connect Gridly with your favorite tools and add extensions with additional capabilities.
Translation Dashboard
Unity Plugin
Unreal Engine

LQA guide: What is game localization testing and how to do it right

Learn how one well-outlined LQA pass impacts the quality and overall feeling of the game that no other form of proofreading or review could.

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Discover how Gridly can help you manage your LQA processes and
streamline bug fixing in your app or game.

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