Go global from any language

Add a pivot language to your localization workflow to tackle even the rarest languages. Track updates across all steps automatically and avoid project management whirlwinds.


Pivot localization
made easy

Reflect updates of your source texts in pivot and target languages consecutively. Make sure your localized assets are up-to-date by tracking everything in one place.

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Tame hybrid localization processes

Sync diverse workflows of individual language pairs. Pull translations from external tools, files, or via an API connection while maintaining your single source of truth.

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Assure quality across all languages

Clearly define how to use specific terms and reuse existing translations. Provide more context with additional content and detect if tags and variables are correct in all languages.

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Mike Kim

Globalization Director,
Enuma, Inc.
"Gridly helped us centralize all strings in one place and allows different teams to easily access.Dependencies are a huge time saver and it has the flexibility we need to control what is ready for localization and what is ready for production."

Accelerate with a pivot localization template

Create a perfect multi-step localization workflow. Working with the source, pivot, and target languages becomes easy with the pivot localization template. 
Content in the target languages will be dependent on the pivot, and the pivot will follow the source. Localization status will indicate where the attention of translators is needed.

Enuma shortens time to market with a seamless localization workflow

The California-based technology company with offices in Korea and China makes education fun, covering math, foreign languages, or literacy. Discover how they leveraged pivot languages in their hybrid localization workflow.

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Learn more about Pivot localization

Dive into best practices on how to streamline your localization projects and run multi-step localization workflows.

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