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Content Management


Mass-editing friendly

Bring your content together and manage thousands of content objects with a spreadsheet structure evolving according to your needs.
1 Manage content with a flexible structure
2 Collaborate and control access in real-time
3 Publish with confidence to multiple channels

String Translation


Your single source of truth for every string

Make your strings accessible in a tick and connect your team within an agile content workflow that can comfortably manage any number of languages.
1 Synchronize strings across your content ecosystem
2 Keep control over string status
3 Speed up with continuous workflows

Localization Quality Assurance


Assure quality, boost efficiency

Accelerate your localization testing and bug fixing with a streamlined content environment where you can log issues instantly and provide clear guidance on how to resolve them.
1 Gather your texts, screenshots and more at speed
2 Streamline issue-logging and ticket management
3 Leverage branches for testing and staging

Multi-step localization


Complex workflows made simple

Translating to a bridge language? Running legal checks or QA tests? We've got you covered no matter how complex your content localization workflow may be.
1 Update statuses based on changes in your content
2 Control updates across all your languages
3 Filter content ready for translation effortlessly

Sentiment Analysis


Uncover emotions in any language

Analyze app reviews, surveys, helpdesk tickets, or social posts from people around the world and categorize them based on the emotions they contain.
1 Auto-translate content from multiple languages
2 Identify frustrations, happiness, or mixed emotions
3 Manage content in your favorite way

Text to Speech


Produce voice-overs for your content in an instant

Speed up audio validation with voice-overs generated by AI in real time. Convert texts into natural-sounding voices in dozens of languages.
1 Create lifelike voice-overs in no time
2 Prototype video scenes with auto-generated audio files
3 Track changes and roll updates out faster

Machine Translation


Speed up your workflow with machine pre-translation

Leverage state-of-art technologies to get high-quality results faster from your translation team.
1 Boost efficiency with pre-translation
2 Multiple languages at once, in seconds
3 Streamlined post-editing with change tracking

It’s crucial that I’m able to manage text quality and maintain control over the whole publishing process. Gridly gives us a convenient way to work with in-game texts — something our game engine was missing. It’s easy to use, and the bonus is that it also looks great.


Paula Mozdrzewska, Producer of 11 bit studios

on Content Management

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