There’s a better way to translate your strings

Gain a single source of truth for strings in any language and connect your team within one agile content pipeline for your game or app.

Make your strings accessible in a tick

Organize your string data within a familiar spreadsheet structure. Synchronize them across your ecosystem via powerful APIs, connections to CAT tools, or through various supported file formats.

Experience continuous localization

Comfortably handle loads of target languages and even use multiple source ones if needed. Speed up the process with a built-in translation memory and optimized views for translators.

Experience continuous localization
It’s crucial that I’m able to manage text quality and maintain control over the whole publishing process. Gridly gives us a convenient way to work with in-game texts — something our game engine was missing. It’s easy to use, and the bonus is that it also looks great.

Producer, 11 bit studios

Collaborate without losing control

Manage access to specific strings on a granular level and collaborate with internal teams as well as external individuals. See all updates in real-time, create branches for alternate releases, and merge them effortlessly into your production environment.

Collaborate without losing control

Find strings for translation at any given moment

Review every update in source and corresponding dependencies in target languages. Manage statuses the way that fits your workflow and easily filter anything you need.

Find strings for translation at any given moment
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Manage strings with Gridly

Gridly is free to use for an unlimited period of time.
We also offer paid plans for bigger teams with additional storage, features and support.
Manage strings with Gridly

Advance string translation with Add-ons

Enhance your Gridly experience by adding tools supporting string translation.

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