Translate your strings continuously

Update source content and release translations simultaneously by syncing your application with a centralized database as simple to use as a spreadsheet.


Embed localization seamlessly into your build process

Connect your tech stack with simple commands to a spreadsheet-like interface. Manage strings in a repository where you can translate and publish continuously.

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Deploy translations with confidence

Improve accuracy and efficiency when entering translations with content validations and advanced status tracking.

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Update strings in formats used by your i18n framework

Import and export from formats compatible with popular frameworks and languages, including JavaScript, Python, Vue.js, React.js, and more.

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Test multilingual content in your designs

Review translated strings in designs to ensure they fit your layout. Push text from Figma to a spreadsheet-like structure for managing content. Pull back translations with a click.

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  • Johan Heander
    "We’ve been boosted by the ability to have columns in Gridly that are not translations but are informative metadata, such as the maximum length for a string, a description of what an item really means or the context in which words should be used."
  • Paula Mozdrzewska
    "It’s crucial that I’m able to manage text quality and maintain control over the whole publishing process. Gridly gives us a convenient way to work with in-game texts — something our game engine was missing. It’s easy to use, and the bonus is that it also looks great."
  • Lisa Sidorova
    "I can't recommend Gridly enough! We moved all our projects there recently and we're very content. Its simplicity, great integration with gaming engines, and continuous improvements have transformed our localization workflow. A must-have tool for any team."
  • Estelle Bailly
    "We chose Gridly for its Unreal Engine plugin, which is a tremendous help in localizing our game. Plus, the team is very efficient and responsive, and they have been really helpful so far. Kudos for your work and commitment!"

Integrations Connect Gridly to your CAT tool in just a few clicks with out-of-the-box connectors. Functions Run your localization scripts in Gridly with AWS Lambda functions. Files Export and import localized texts in multiple formats: Excel, Google Sheets, PO, JSON, and more. CDN Publish localized content into a content delivery network (CDN) and deliver it anywhere with superior reliability. SDKs Work with multi-language content in your code with SDKs for .NET, PHP, Go,or more applications. Make localized content accessible through an API connection with a full-fledged Gridly API. API Automated localizationdeployment

Advanced string translation with Add-ons

Enhance your Gridly experience by adding tools supporting string translation.

Get productive with templates

Save time when creating new Grids and use Gridly Templates as your starting point. Or create your own and share them with others.

There’s a better way to translate your strings

Launch updated translations at any time during your development cycle.