Text to Speech

Convert text into high-quality, natural-sounding human voices in dozens of languages without costly recording sessions.

Use template

How it works

Enable the Automations on the right-side bar and customize the Grid to generate synthesized speech. Add and update records for the Automation to produce voice-overs. This template includes some sample records for you to start with, along with two premade Text-to-Speech Automations: Standard and Neural. Enable one of the two Automations depending on your needs and run it to see the results. As soon as any record in the Dialogues column is edited, the voice-over file will be generated in the Files column. You can also select to run Automations on the selected records. Make changes in the Automation settings if needed. Choose the language and voice you want to use in the Voice section, or select a different Output Format from the drop-down list: JSON, MP3, OGG_VORBIS or PCM.