Experience a Continuous Localization Workflow with Memsource

While Gridly is great for managing content, like strings and digital assets, when developing a game, Memsource excels in getting texts translated at speed and with reduced costs. Connect these two tools and you get a full-blown localization workflow that encompasses developers, content editors, and translators collaborating together in synergy.
 03-15-2021        Vaclav Kamenicek
Experience a Continuous Localization Workflow with Memsource

Introducing Memsource Add-on

We’re stoked to introduce a new Add-on that connects Gridly with one of the leading translation management solutions on the market, Memsource. Let’s have a look at key capabilities and how this integration works.

More often than not, setting up an integration involves quite some time and effort. Well, this is not the case here. You can connect Gridly with Memsource in literally 49 seconds (we’ve timed it, let us know if you can do any faster). And you don’t need a programmer to do it. Just navigate to Add-ons in Gridly, install the Add-on with one click, adjust a couple of settings, and there you go, all set!

Memsource Add-on setup

Push content to Memsource your way

One of the key issues when connecting different systems is that sometimes it relies on automatic triggers. That can be annoying when adding just two strings an hour and two strings an hour later. You want to give translators a full package, not drip it per word or string.

With the Memsource Add-on, you have full control over when you push content to Memsource and what content you push in there. Once set up, you can find a little icon in the right-side panel of your Grid, enabling you to push content to Memsource whenever you want, simply by clicking a button.

Furthermore, the Add-on transmits only the content of the current View of your Grid. Hence you can easily filter out strings you want to push to Memsource, for example, only those that aren’t translated or are out-of-date. If you aren’t familiar with how Views work in Gridly, how you can save them, maintain filters in them, etc., you can find out more about Views here.

But you don’t have to use View filters all the time. You can select which languages you want to push to Memsource within a simple dialog that appears before the content is actually sent. It replicates your structure of Dependencies in Gridly. Therefore, you just check the language pairs you want to have translated in Memsource. This works even if you have a project with a pivot language, or a multi-step localization project, as we sometimes call them.

Push to Memsource Dialog Window

Maintain your settings in Memsource

Once you push content to Memsource, the Add-on creates a job for every language pair with a name consisting of the name of your Grid and the current View.

There are three options for how you can have the job created:

  1. As a part of a brand new project created from scratch.
  2. As a part of a new project created from a Memsource’s template.
  3. Under an existing project in Memsource.

Memsource provides extensive settings related to Projects, and you can maintain those settings when you choose the option to create a new project from a template. All the template settings will be part of the new project that will contain jobs created by the Gridly Add-on.

Some might have just one or two projects in Memsource to manage all tasks related to translators’ work, etc. That’s ok, we have the third option for this case. You can push the content from Gridly to a job that will be created within an existing project in Memsource.

Translated at speed, pulled back fast as lightning strikes

Once your content is translated and checked in Memsource, we understand that you want to have it back in Gridly as quickly as possible, with the minimum effort expended. That’s why we tied the trigger for pulling content back to Gridly with the completion of jobs in Memsource.

Complete Job Dialog in Memsource

The moment a job is completed in Memsource, the Add-on populates it to corresponding Views of your Grid in Gridly. If out-dated or un-set records are updated with new translations, their dependency status in Gridly is automatically changed to up-to-date.

Want to see the Memsource Add-on in action?

We can go into loads more detail in this product update but it could take a while. Why not see it with your very own eyes and experience how convenient it is to have Gridly connected with Memsource in one continuous workflow.

You can catch the full recording of the webinar on our website. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your localization game and keep your gamers engaged and satisfied.

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