6 unmissable localization events in 2023

Conferences, trade shows, and industry expos are some of the best ways to level up your skills, network with colleagues and potential clients or employers, and spread awareness about yourself and your organization. The best localization events in 2023 will feature leading minds in the field, highlight emerging industry trends, and more. Read on for a closer look.
 03-24-2023        Ivan Belcic
6 unmissable localization events in 2023

1. BP23 Translation Conference

8–10 May 2023

Utrecht, Netherlands

BP23 is geared towards freelance translators and localization writers and approaches the disciplines from countless angles. Standing for “business and practice,” BP23 is teeming with invaluable insights for the working translation or localization professional. In addition to a full lineup of activities, participants can also choose to attend remotely with a la carte ticketing for each event.

From Marjolein Thickett’s session on how translators can reduce their carbon footprints to Sameh Ragab’s examination of automated workflows, you’ll learn how to acquire and retain high-value clients, how to determine an ideal pricing model, how to overcome impostor syndrome, and more.

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2. LocWorld49

6–8 June 2023

Malmö, Sweden

LocWorld is a long-running, globe-hopping event series with multiple continents under its belt. This year’s event in Sweden features a special one-day program track of Game Global, a gaming-focused conference dealing with localization and localization quality assurance (LQA). As such, LocWorld49 is especially ideal for localization professionals working in the gaming industry.

Be sure to catch Gridly’s Michael Soto teaming up with Hyper Hippo Entertainment’s Senior Localization Manager Olga Petrova for an invaluable presentation on how you can streamline your localization workflow. That’s just one of the many opportunities you’ll have to hear from industry leaders, explore the latest in localization tools and technology, develop your skills in workshops and roundtables, and network with fellow gaming localization professionals. 

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3. Game Quality Forum Global 2023

27–29 June 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This gaming-centric conference unites game testers, localization professionals, and community engagement personnel to hash out the best strategies for providing players with a next-level experience. The 2023 event is dedicated to illustrating how a diverse and inclusive team is essential for any studio looking to best serve their player base.

Attendees seeking to improve their localization practices and skills should be sure to catch some of the many prominent localization experts on the speaking agenda, including Tencent’s Localization and Community Lead Ronald Aparajit, Paradox Interactive’s Localization Producer Nick Tsitkou, and Chelsea Curran Adams, Director of QA at Epic Games.

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4. ALC 21st Annual Summit

20–22 September 2023

Portland, Oregon, USA

Based in the US, the Association of Language Companies is an advocacy group geared towards supporting language service providers and advocating on behalf of the overall industry. Their annual summit invites LSP owners and senior executives to network, share insights and strategies, and learn from notable speakers.

With presentations, panel discussions, training seminars, and networking opportunities on offer, the ALC 21st Annual Summit is a chance for LSP leaders to take an active role in advancing their field.

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5. Meet Central Europe Conference 2023

17–19 October 2023

Budapest, Hungary

Meet Central Europe (MCE) sprung out of a desire for an international, regional translation conference. Founded by the respective presidents of the Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, and Austrian associations of translation companies, MCE returns in 2023 to Budapest, home of the 2018 event as well.

Freelance localization and translation professionals, project and vendor managers, and C-level executives alike are invited to convene and discuss the best ways to approach talent management in today’s ever-evolving industry landscape.

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6. Focus on Project Management 2023

30 November – 1 December

Bucharest, Romania

Based in Brussels, Elia — the European Language Industry Association — is a collective of European language service companies. Focus on Project Management 2023 is the collective’s final event of the year, following their Focus on Executives conference in May and Networking Days event in September. 

Expect an intense two-day program of workshops, discussions, and networking opportunities geared towards helping product and project managers in the language industry acquire new skills and hone their strategies.

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