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Gridly Product Updates ✨

December 2022

  • Ability to overwrite existing translations with Translation Memory
  • Ability to create references to a branch
  • Support for comparison and merging of data references
  • Search tickets by ticket ID
  • Search users by email address
  • Support for SSML voice configuration in the text-to-speech conversion
  • Ability to add Grids to Favorites
  • Translation Memory editor
  • Ability to export Grid history
  • Detection of duplicated columns when creating Grids from a file

November 2022

  • String translation template
  • Sentiment analysis template
  • Text to Speech template
  • Import and export of Tags, Glossaries, and Translation Memory in XLSX format
  • “Created by” and “Created time” metadata available for records in Grids
  • Filtering for the formula-type column

October 2022

  • Automations: create workflows with automated actions
  • Backup & restore on a Grid level
  • Updates on UI and UX for column quick filters
  • Record history: show before and after states on changes
  • Project GUID record ID generation
  • Localization import improvements: Support for the ability to preview data and keep track of changes before importing

September 2022

  • Queries: combine and manage content from multiple Grids
  • Company settings management updated
  • Read-only API keys
  • Ability to add do-not-translate records to localization export
  • Filter/find target languages in translation memory export
  • Support for special and accented characters in Quick filters
  • Case-sensitive mode for Quick filters

August 2022

  • New user privilege: Manage user invitation capability
  • Auto-creating records for copy and paste actions
  • Path filtering updated to support Path’s children
  • Translation memory export and import in CSV format
  • “Clear all” button in column quick filters

July 2022

  • Glossary dashboard with recent entries
  • Ability to manage metadata for Glossaries
  • Ability to manage metadata for Glossary Terms
  • Export and import of Glossaries in TBX format
  • Reordering of Projects, Databases and Grids in the main dashboard
  • Issue tracking for localization import updated
  • Support for real-time updates of Paths
  • Link sharing to a specific cell and range
  • New function - Color(value), to return color based on color names
  • Zero-width space characters detection in the translator and editor views
  • View filter operators for matching regular expressions and data between two values
  • Ability to configure database back-ups
  • New shortcut - Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + U, to add a translation to the Translation Memory
  • New shortcut - Ctrl/Cmd + Alt/Opt + T, to apply the Translation Memory
  • [Gridly connector] User metadata for jobs executed
  • [Gridly connector] Automapping for columns when creating new connections
  • [Gridly API] Support for updating Source status
  • [Gridly API] Support for updating Translation Memory
  • [Gridly API] Allow validation when updating records

June 2022

  • Detailed diff-checking when merging Grids
  • Copy/paste entire column content by selecting their headers
  • Options to require SSO/SAML access for selected domains and users
  • Password expiration policy and security standards settings
  • Performance improvements for CSV and XLSX import/export
  • Loading time & latency reduced by frontend optimization

May 2022

  • Ability to define column types when importing CSV or XLSX
  • Ability to edit a column type, name, and ID when creating/importing a translation Grid.
  • Allow importing records to a specific path
  • New function - ExtractDigits, to extract digits from a string
  • New function - PathAsList, to convert paths to strings
  • Support for a PDF preview in files columns
  • Ability to export a glossary in CSV format
  • Allow pushing/pulling all translation to/from Translation Memory (TM)
  • Ability to mark dependencies and approve TM translations in a view
  • [Gridly API] Support resizing columns in a Grid
  • [Gridly API] Support deleting files in cells using file IDs

April 2022

  • Gridly connector with ability to connect to GSheets, MySQL, and Postgres
  • Extended view interface
  • Notifications
  • Support for hyperlinks in rich text columns
  • Ability to import referenced columns
  • Support for internal ID in localization import and export
  • Ability to merge the master branch to other branches
  • [Memsource] Support for assigning providers to jobs based on project templates

March 2022

  • New formula - LastModifiedTime(column): returns the last modified time of a record or a specified column field
  • [Gridly API] Support for updating columnId the same way as within UI
  • [Gridly API] Support for creating views
  • [Gridly API] Support for searching Grids by names
  • Ability to copy/paste cells with background colors
  • Detect and skip duplicated record IDs in JSON import
  • Support referencing of single selection types of columns
  • New formulas to check column dependency status: IsStatus(column, status), IsStatusOutOfDate, IsStatusUnset, IsStatusUpToDate, Status (column)
  • Ability to search by Grid names in global search
  • Ability to use record IDs as references

February 2022

  • Support more UNDO and REDO actions.
  • New use cases regarding public APIs and SDK.
  • Support Grid name search in global search function.
  • Ability to create/restore a backup on a Database level.
  • Enhancements in Paths: drag and drop to re-locate/re-arrange folders in Path’s directory.

January 2022

  • UNDO and REDO ability for actions in a cell, column, or record
  • Global search functionality released
  • Ability to save work in progress when creating a column
  • Advanced copy and paste
  • API functionality enhanced with support for merging Views

December 2021

  • Tags released: the ability to detect and manage non-translatable text elements in cells
  • A new operator added to filters: “does not contain”
  • Allow horizontal scrolling with shift+mouse wheel
  • Duplicating of columns: ability to create a new column with the same properties of an existing column
  • Allow exporting of only selected columns to a JSON file
  • Ability to tag someone in a comment or ticket & email notifications for tagged users
  • Path tags: optimized performance & UI

November 2021

  • Glossaries released: multi-language termbases for localization Grids. Gridly automatically detects Glossary terms in source text and offers correct translations for target languages that can be easily inserted.
  • OR Condition: enables combining filters in columns with the OR operator.
  • Grid UI optimization (cell editing, column editing, record history, context menus).
  • New Formulas: Longest and Shortest functions that allow users to find the longest/shortest word from a list.
  • Column Properties: header information and a new field for column description added.
  • New Trigger added—enabling the trigger to watch a specific column.
  • Allow Record ID to be unique only within Path Tags (folders). Allows non-unique IDs in Gridly but IDs must be unique within a unique Path Tag.
  • Upload of ZIP files: now upload multiple files in a ZIP archive to one Grid and map records with Record ID.
  • Allow mapping properties of JSON files to columns in Gridly.
  • Upgrade of the search engine (Elasticsearch) to provide faster and more accurate results.
  • Allow horizontal scrolling for windows users with SHIFT and a mouse wheel.

October 2021

  • Infrastructure and performance optimization
  • SDKs for .NET Core and C# released
  • API for localization QA testing
  • True(), False() functions added to formulas

September 2021

  • Localization Quality Assessment (LQA) Add-on
  • AWS Lambda support for Triggers: allows running of code using the AWS serverless compute service
  • Triggers enhancement: work with multiple events at once
  • Filtering by cell color and by using RegEx
  • Find and Replace feature
  • Filtering for records sent by Triggers from a View

August 2021

  • General Search: search through texts across all columns and data types
  • Export in .PO file format
  • Branching enhancement: ability to merge a branch with any other branch
  • Undo import: allows reverting of an import action

July 2021

  • New column type—Formulas
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Network latency improvements
  • Public Templates
  • Cell Preview
  • Support for .PO files

June 2021

  • memoQ Add-on public launch
  • Search Translation memory released
  • Inviting users to Gridly via importing a .CSV file allowed
  • Preview for import data
  • Import log with information about status of an import
  • Support for TAB delimiters in CSV files added
  • Public API for version control added
  • Grid history included when embedding Grids

May 2021

  • Templates introduced: Grids can be saved as Templates and new Grids can be created out of them including data, views, and groups.
  • JSON support: data can be imported to Grids from JSON files and exported back to JSON with updated translations
  • Unified command line interface released on GitHub
  • Localization export to XLS files revamped
  • New shortcuts for navigating to beginning/end of records

April 2021

  • Ability to include and exclude up-to-date translations for the Localization export and the Memsource add-on
  • Support for quick filters and quick sorting when exporting translations
  • Views, shared Groups, and Grid settings included in Branching and also in the Grid duplication feature
  • Duplication of Databases allowed
  • A beta version of the memoQ add-on released

March 30, 2021

  • New JSON Editor
  • Public sharing of Grids allowed
  • Manual triggers

March 17, 2021

  • Option to give translators all language access
  • Dependency status filter for file columns
  • Memsource Add-on: ability to push a new job into existing projects
  • Grid’s metadata APIs

March 3, 2021

  • Enabled option to turn off highlight text in Localization Exports
  • Enabled importing of multiple and single selection column types
  • Introduced manual trigger
  • Improved JSON column display
  • Introduced decimal format in number column
  • List and Retrieve APIs for Projects, Databases, Grids and Views

February 3, 2021

  • Add translation memory filter in View
  • Copy cell by vertically dragging
  • Allow creating a new record with deleted record ID
  • Autofill data of a column
  • Import/ Export .CSV APIs

January 26, 2021

  • Introduce new filter operator is not for target language column
  • Alllow disabling translation memory

January 20, 2021

  • Allow column mapping on Grid upload
  • Allow direct cell edits in comment dashboard

January 7, 2021

  • Allow Record ID change
  • Filter comments by status
  • Path tag mapping option for uploading folder structure
  • Support creating single-step in multiple-steps
  • Memsource add-on
  • Translation dashboard

December 23, 2020

  • API Key Management
  • Dependency option in View Filter (‘Out-of-date’, ‘Up-to-date’, ‘Unset’)
  • Upload files from folder to column
  • TM fuzzy setting
  • Automatically detect excel version when importing
  • Added list accessible entities by API key
  • Added dependency information to View API
  • Added fetching records with query criteria to View API

December 2, 2020

  • Allowed to export different source languages in Translation Memory
  • Allowed to delete Translation Memory
  • Supported more character encodes beside UTF-8
  • Increased record selection range to 300
  • Allowed to change the column ID

November 28, 2020

  • Extend the list of supported languages
  • Allow specifying language pairs for translators in multi-step localization
  • Allow user to regenerate their own API key

November 18, 2020

  • Enable translation memory in multi-step localization grid
  • Show dependency changes in record history
  • Fix merging with dependency
  • Fix delimiter detection incorrectly when a single line contains newline character
  • Improve scrolling experience on Windows
  • Uploading file via API
  • Add whitelisting IPs for webhook

November 11, 2020

  • Introduced multi-step localization setup
  • Support of semi-colon and tilde in .csv import/ export
  • Keep column order when importing to create a localization grid
  • Comment dashboard
  • Click-to-zoom images on file column
  • Visible column width indicator when resizing
  • Allow the ability to set and fetch path via API
  • Introduce in-app feedback button and link to support site
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